Janome BEST of 50 Threads Hilos Iris Ultrabrite 1100yd Spools

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All Fabric is Sold by the Yard. 1 Unit = 1 Yard! :)


Iris Polyester Embroidery Thread is made from genuine American trilobal polyester and known for unmatched quality, consistency, and value. American made trilobal polyester is accepted as the best in the world for its unsurpassed sheen and exceptional strength, tenacity, and the ability to run smoothly at high speeds in all commercial embroidery machines (such as Melco, Barudan, Tajima, SWF, Happy, ZSK, Toyota, Brother, Janome, Bernina, and more). The high quality of Iris thread allows it to be used to embroider any embroidery design at maximum production and with minimum thread breaks. Iris polyester machine embroidery thread is the only thread of its type manufactured ENTIRELY in North America.

Iris® UltraBrite™ Polyester 
100% Super Bright, Genuine American Made Trilobal Polyester Fiber Construction

Wound and Dyed in Mexico 
Size 40 wt. 120 denier - 1100 yds (1000 meters) per cone, 300 PANTONE® Certified Colors Available

Download A FREE Printed Iris Polyester Thread Chart

Due to variations in monitor type, age, quality and viewable colors, we cannot guarantee that the colors shown on your screen are accurate. If you require an exact color match, we recommend that you download the FREE printed Iris Polyester Thread Chart listed above.

Polyseda Iris Thread is resistant to high temperature ironing, caustic detergent, and heavy chlorine wash.  It also resists abrasive agents and has excellent resistance when exposed to light and sea water. The high quality of the thread allows it to be used to embroider leather, monograms, high quality decorations and other applications as described below:
Sport clothing, shoes, caps, emblems.
For Uniforms and any kind of industrial clothing embroidery that require lustrous shine and can support strong detergent and bleach.
Polyseda Iris Thread is used in embroideries for childrens’ clothing due to its flame retardant quality.

Washing Instructions 

 Polyester Embroidery decorations should be washed with soft detergents at a temperature of 60ª C .

 Due to high quality of this Polyester Thread your embroideries can be washed with water at 95ªC and strong detergents.

 For hand washing, place the embroideries in abundant water where they can float, do not wring or machine dry without having rinsed. In case of case of water coloration wash the embroidery design until you get a perfect rinse. 

 It is important not to leave the garments joined, especially when the embroideries are washed. This measure will help to prevent the chemical products used to remove the stains not to be in contact with embroidery.

 When cleaning stains in the embroidery application, apply Benzol or Percloroetylene in proper percentages. Be sure to rinse the garments immediately after removing stains with these chemicals. 



 Embroideries must be ironed on the reverse side, between two linens, or handkerchiefs.

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