Beading Feet Set, Janome #200321006

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Pearls and piping are just the beginning, you'll have many creative options for surface embellishments that can be applied with ease and speed. Attach beads, make and apply piping, even attach cording and sequins! Use of the beading feet requires a standard zigzag stitch on your sewing machine. The wide groove beading foot is intended for use with pearls and beads having a diameter of 2.5 - 4.0mm. The narrow groove beading foot is intended for use with pearls and beads measuring less than 2mm in diameter.

Guaranteed to fit Babylock Sewing Machine Models:
BL20A Anna, BL30A Molly

Guaranteed to fit Elna Sewing Machine Models:
3210, ec30, ec60, eXcellence 580+, eXcellence 740, eXperience 450, eXperience 520s, eXperience 530, eXperience 540s, eXperience 550, eXperience 560, eXperience 570A, eXperience 580+, eXperience 720, eXplore 150, eXplore 160, explore 320, explore 340, Lotus, Lotus 2, Star Edition

Guaranteed to fit Janome Sewing Machine Models:
1860, 2030DC, 2040, 2160DC, 2160QDC, 3023, 3128, 3160QDC, 4045LX, 4045NX, 4048, 4119 (Quilter's Delight), 4120QDC, 4618LE, 4623, 4623LE, 49018, 49360, 5027, 509, 5018, 5120QDC, 5060QDC, 5124, 521, 525S, 5270QDC, 5300QDC-T, 5812, 6019QC, 6050, 6100, 6125QC, 625E, 6260QC, 652, 653, 659, 660-Jem Gold, 661-Jem Gold 2, 662-Jem Silver, 665-Jem Gold III, 661G-Jem Gold Plus, 7061NX, 712T, 740DC, 7318 Magnolia, 7325 Magnolia, 7330 Magnolia, 7360 Magnolia, 8048 Harmony, 8050, 8077, 808, 808A, AMH-M100 Anna Maria Horner, AQS2009, CE2000, CE2200, CS5031, Classmate S-750, CM2200, DC1018, DC1050, DC2007LE, DC2010, DC2011, DC2012, DC2013, DC2014, DC2015, DC3018, DC3050, DC3200, DC4030, DC4030P, DC4100, DC5100, DC6030, DC7100, DE5018, DE5024, DE5124, DS3500, DX2015, DX2022, DX2030, DX502, Decor 5018, Decor 5024, Decor 4123, EasyJeans 22, FD206, FD212, FD216, HD2200, Harmony 4045, Harmony 4052, Harmony 4052LX, HD2200, HD-3000, Hello Kitty 15822, Hello Kitty 18750, HF2022, HF3000, HF3022, HF4045LX, HF5024, HF5812, HF8050, HF8077, HT2008, HT2008LE, JP720, JP760, JW7630, Jem Gold, Jem Gold 2, MC10000, MC10001, MC11000, MC11000 Special Edition, MC2400, MC3000, MC3500, MC4000, MC4018, MC4400, MC4800, MC4800QC, MC4900QC, MC5000, MC5001, MC5002, MC5200, MC5500, MC5700, MC6000, MC6300P, MC6500P, MC6600P, MC7000, MC7500, MC7700QCP, MC8000, MC8100, MC9000, MC9500, MC9700, ME4014, ME4018, ME4123, ML3023, MO200, MS-3015, MS5021, MS5027, MS-5027, MOD-100, MOD-100Q, MOD-15, MOD-19, MOD-200, MOD-30, MOD-50, My Excel 18, My Excel 23, My Excel 4014, My Excel 4018, My Excel 4023, My Excel 4123, MyStyle 22, MyExcel 23L, MyStyle 100, NH2014, NPCF-50, NQM2016 National Quilt Museum, Sew Precise, Sewist 500, Sewist 521, Sewist 525S, Sewist 625S, Sewist 721, Sewist 725S, Sewist 780DC, Skyline S3, Skyline S5, S2015, Schoolmate S-3015, S-3023, S-650, Schoolmate S-7330, S-950, SC5021, SD2014, SL2022, SR2000, SR2100, SS2015, SW2018E, US2022, XL601

Guaranteed to fit Kenmore Sewing Machine Models:
385.19153690, 385.19365990

Guaranteed to fit Necchi sewing machine models:
EX100, EX30, EX60, NE30, QS60

Guaranteed to fit Pfaff Sewing Machine Models:
Hobby 1122, Hobby 1132

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