Brother SA142 Fringe Foot All Metal Snap On up to 7mm Stitch Width Machines for Tailor Tacking, Fagoting, Decorative Thread Fringing, 3D Flowers

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The Fringe foot is a good tool for creating 3-D flowers, heirloom seam joins, surface texture and custom trims with a simple zig zag stitch. This foot was originally designed and used to mark construction details by creating tailor tacking, so feel free to use it as a great marking too as well!

  • Fringe Foot Creates dimensional thread loops on the top surface of the fabric.
  • The foot creates dimensional threads loops on the top surface of the fabric. The loops can be also fringe by sewing with straight stitch along the root of loop and cutting bobbin thread.
  • Accessory Model SA142
  • Compatible with all our home-use sewing machines
  • Fringe foot adds surface texture and applies custom trims
  • Join seams with decorative or heirloom stitches
  • Create 3-D flowers by trimming threads after sewing
  • Genuine Brother Made Accessory
  • For all 7mm zigzag machines

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