Brother SA216 N+ Advanced Monogramming Foot for XP, XJ, XE, not to be confused with all metal snap on N Foot XD0810031 for earlier 7mm models

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Brother quality that you know and love now enhanced with the N+ foot. This new foot features a satin finish surface for smooth and stable feeding of fabrics. There is also a plastic guide on the foot to minimize misalignment when sewing.

  • Brother Genuine Accessory Imagine more, create more, and do more with Brother Genuine Accessories. From sewing software to crafting blades to embroidery frames and just about everything else in between, we have you covered. Brother Genuine is made in Brother factories by Brother employees.
  • Use Brother Genuine Accessories for all your sewing, embroidery, and crafting projects The Enhanced N+ foot is a great accessory to your sewing journey.
  • Foot guide Plastic guide on the foot to minimize misalignment when sewing
  • Storage Fits accessory storage box

    Smooth and Stable Feeding of Fabrics

  • Perfect for sewing
  • Plastic guide on the foot to minimize misalignment when sewing
  • Fits accessory storage box of XP3 KAL
  • For use with Brother machines
  • Brother Genuine Accessory

    Sewing decorative stitches on high stretch fabrics was made consistent and of better quality.

    1. Added sachilite plating: Reduces slippage with fabrics such as leather and vinyl.

    2. Added guide on presser foot: Reduces vibration during sewing and prevents the fabric from slipping.

    3. Expanded presser foot area and changed height of mechanism for releasing fabric
  • The presser foot and feed dogs stably feed the fabric while limiting backward, forward, left and right movements.
  • Reduces skipped stitches.

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