Paintbrush Studio Fabrics Dia de Los Muertos by Deborah Curiel - Abstract Petal - 12022136

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Designer Deborah Curiel celebrates her country’s traditions and colors in Dia de Muertos. This collection is inspired by the colorful celebration held in Mexico every November 1st and 2nd, also known as Day of the Dead. It is a rich cultural event where those who are no longer with us are honored with makeshift altars called “ofrendas” and given their favorite food, objects, pictures, and flowers. Create an eye-catching Day of the Dead quilt, hair accessories, or beautiful garments with this vibrant collection. 

Deborah Curiel is an illustrator and designer from México that celebrates her country through her work. With her bold use of color and hand-drawn elements you can find joy and inspiration in her illustrations. Her mission is to leave this world a little more beautiful than how she found it and give you a smile along the way :)

Machine wash cold, delicate, tumble dry low. Do not bleach.

Line: Dia de Los Muertos
By: Deborah Curiel

100% Cotton

Located in Green Brook.


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