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We are all connected with Suzy Ultman’s newest fabric collection, Grow Love! Share the positivity with everyone around with her cheery rainbows, love birds, and sweet bee prints.

Suzy is an artist, illustrator, storyteller, and crafty girl. A longstanding traveler who’s lived from coast to coast and in the Netherlands, Suzy’s adventures inform the inclusivity of her art, which embraces the connections that make us part of a global community, the moments we share in life, and the idea of home. She finds inspiration in scouting antique shops and flea markets, spending time in nature, walking down quirky city streets, and making & baking around the house. She lives in Ohio, just around the corner from the apple house, next to the mustached snail. 

Machine wash cold, delicate, tumble dry low. Do not bleach.

Line: Grow Love
By: Suzy Ultman

44" wide
100% Cotton

Located in Green Brook. 


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