Riley Blake Designs Ready, Set Wiggle! - Big Car Panel P8548 RED

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The Wiggles have been entertaining and delighting children for almost three decades. They see things from the perspective of the child. It is the basic tenet that informs their work. Because their performances are developmentally appropriate for their young audiences, they continue to attract and involve those audiences.

Emma Watkins (The Yellow Wiggle), Lachy Gillespie (The Purple Wiggle), Simon Pryce (The Red Wiggle) and Anthony Field (The Blue Wiggle) and their friends are as appealing to the newer generation of pre-schoolers as the original Wiggles were to their older brothers and sisters and even, in some cases, their parents! The Wiggles effectively use their own skills as performers to build rapport with children as they extend their knowledge and understanding of those children’s needs and interests.

The Wiggles appeal is international as it continues to be based on current thinking in early childhood development and learning. Children need opportunities to develop a sense of their own identity, to become connected with their world and to contribute to it, to develop a strong sense of well-being, to become confident and involved learners and effective communicators. The Wiggles are well aware of these desired outcomes and keep them in mind as they plan and perform.

Emma Watkins, is proving to be the most popular ever and is broadening The Wiggles appeal and fan base even further. A great inspirational asset to children everywhere!

Lachlan Gillespie began playing the piano when he was four years old and it has been an instrument he has enjoyed playing ever since. Now co-producing The Wiggles albums with his friend and mentor, Anthony Field (Blue Wiggle).

Simon Pryce has followed in his grandparent’s footsteps, who were both highly accomplished and respected opera singers. His transition from the music of the night to singing “Simon Says” and “Fruit Salad” is a dream come true. Always with a smile from ear to ear, he loves to sing and dance and encourage audiences to sing and dance along too.

Anthony Field, creator of The Wiggles, has been wiggling from the beginning. “What a milestone we have reached, loving it as much as ever, and of course also meeting our wonderful audiences all over the world!” He is very proud that Emma, Lachy and Simon have become as much a part of the lives of young Wiggles fans as all The Wiggles before them.

Manufacturer: Riley Blake
Line: Ready, Set, Wiggle!
Color: Red

Panel size: 36" x 43" 
100% Cotton

Located in Green Brook.

P8548 RED

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