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Anita Goodesign 301

2 Full Days of Embroidery Classes at Sew Jersey

We are excited to announce the newest class offering to hit the Anita’s University campus, NextLevel Embroidery 301! Whether you have attended our prior 101 or 201 classes from Anita’s University, orif this is your first time joining us, you’ll be amazed at the new things that you will learn!

During the 301 class we are going to explore many different embroidery techniques — such as heirloomstitching, free standing lace, and coloring your embroidery project. We’ll take a closer look at unique appliqué methods such as watercolor appliqué, reverse appliqué, ghost stitch appliqué and so many more.

Thinking outside the hoop, we’ll visit dimensional designs through button-up embroidery & our reversetrapunto method.

This is only the beginning of the education you’ll receive, and we can’t even describe how much funyou’ll have! Make sure you’re not left behind by your classmates, register for Anita University’s newest class offering, Next Level Embroidery 301 today!

Class is Open!

Students receive:

All meals are included for the 2 full day class

Over 130+ designs on a USB stick to take home!

Top-grade educational tutorials printed in full color in a 3-ring binder — over 150 pages!

Take advantage of unique appliqué and embroidery & designs!

An opportunity to win prizes, shop our products at great prices, and take advantage of dealer machine specials