Bias Binder Foot, Snap On Janome 200140009

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Snap-On Binder Foot, accommodates up to 1/4" bias tape using straight, zig zag or decorative stitches.

Guaranteed to fit Babylock Sewing Machine Models:
Group A: BL1108, BL137A, BL137A2, BL16, BL18, BL18A, BL200A, BL20A, BL2160, BL22, BL23, BL2300, BL23A, BL25A, BL30A, BL37, BL40, BL40A, BL500A, BL6150, BL6200, BL6300, BL66, BL6600, BL67, BL6700, BL6800, BL7800, BLCC, BLCC2, BLDC, BLDC2, BLG, BLG2, BLG2-NZ, BLL, BLL2, BLMY, BLN, BLQ2, BLQ2-PL, BLQC, BLQC2, BLQP, BLR, BLR2, BLR3, BLSO, BLSR, BLSY, BLTA Altair, BLTA2 Altair 2, BLTP, ES1, ESG3 Ellageo 3, ESI, ESI2, ESN Encore, ESP Espire, INT

Guaranteed to fit Bernette sewing machine models:
B37, B38

Guaranteed to fit Brother Sewing Machine Models:
BC1000, BM3550FG, BM2800, BM2800CT, BM2800FG, BM3700, BM3700CT, BM3700FG, BM3850, BM3850CT, BM3850FG, BQ1350, Comfort 25, CE4000, CE5000PRW, CE8080PRW, CS100T, CS6000, CS6000i, CS6000T, CS8072, CE8100, ES2000, GS2700, GS2786K Hello Kitty, GS3700, GS3710, GS3740C, GX37, Hanami 37S, HE120, HE120PKG, HE240, JX2517, L15, LB6770, LB6770PRW, LB6800, LB6800PRW, LB6800THRD, LB6810, LS1717, LS2000, LS2020P, LS2125, LS2125i, LS2250PRW, LS2300PRW, LS2320, LS2350, LS2400, LX1700, LX2375, LX2763, LX3014, LX3850, NQ1400E Innov-is, NQ3500D, NQ550PRW, Innov-is NS1750D, NS20, NS30, NV1000 Innovis, NV1500 Innovis, NV1500D Innovis, NV2500D Innovis, NV350SE, NV400, NV400SE, NV4000D Innovis, NV4500D Duetta, NV500D Innovis, NV6000D Quattro, NV6750D Quattro 3, NV900D Innovis, NV950D Innovis, NX200 Innovis, NX250 Innovis, NX400 Innovis, NX450 Innovis, NX450Q Innovis, NX600 Innovis, NX650Q Innovis, NX800 Innovis, PC-15, PC210, PC210PRW, PC2800, PC3000, PC420, PC420PRW, PC6000, PC6500, PC660LA, PC7000, PC7500, PC8500D, PE300S, PE400D, PS100 Pacesetter, PS21 Pacesetter, PS2200, PS2300, PS3700, PS500 Pacesetter, PS700 Pacesetter, QC1000, RS40S, RS45S, SB1000T Simplicity, SB3150 Simplicity, SB4138 Simplicity, SB700T Simplicity, SB7500, SE270D, SE350, SE400, SE425, SM1400, SM1704, SM1738D, Star 37S, ST371HD Strong and Tough, ULT2003D, VE2200, VQ2, VX1040, VX1060, VX1080, VX1090, VX1120, VX1125, VX1140, VX1250, VX1400, VX1435, VX2010, XL2121, XL2230, XL2600, XL2600i, XL2610, XL3022, XL3025, XL3027, XL3030, XL3100, XL3200, XL3500, XL3500T, XL3510, XL5130, XL5232, XL5340, XL5500, XL5600, XL5700, XL6562, XM1010, XM2701, XM3700, XQ3700, XR37, XR3774, XR-40, XR46C, XR9500PRW, XS37, XV8500D, XV8550D THE Dream Machine 2 Innov-is

Guaranteed to fit Janome Sewing Machine Models:
1017 Harmony, 11706 Hello Kitty, 1117S, 128, 13512 Hello Kitty, 14412 Hello Kitty, 1522, 15312 Hello Kitty, 1580LX, 15822 Hello Kitty, 2003P, 2018S, 2039SN, 2041 Harmony, 2041LX, 2041NX, 2041S, 2041SX, 2049LX, 2049NX, 2049SX, 2118S, 2139N, 2139S, 2141S, 2149SX, 22A, 2206, 2212, 2222, 234, 3012, 3016, 3022, 311, 3128, 360, 380, 381, 405, 415, 41012, 419S, 423S, 4612TM, 523, 530, 531, 609, 609NH, 611, 618, 619, 620, 621, 623, 625(old), 625FA, 626, 630, 631, 632, 639(Jem), 640, 641, 642, 651, 656, 657, 657A, 661(Old), 670, 680, 681, 681D, 684, 692, 692, 693, 710, 726, 72922S, 7306, 7312, 763, 791FA, 793, 795FA, 802, 803, 844, 920, COMBI 10, FA772, HD1000, Hello Kitty Full Size 385.11706, HF1012, HF106, HF107, HF2022, HF3125, HF-RE1706, JA104, JA106, JA1502, JA1504, JA1506, JA1508, JA1510, JA1512, JA1518, JA1804, JD1803, JD1806, JD1810, JD1812, JD1814, JD1816, JD1818, JD1822, Jem Lite, JF1004, JF1012, JF1014, JF1018, JF1018S, JF1022, JR1012, JS1003, JS1004, JS1008LE, JW5622, L108, L109, L110, L352, L352, L353, L372, L373, L392, L393, LR1122DX, LR1612, LR1616, LR1618, LR1622, QS2250, RX18, RX18S, RX22, TB12 (All Janome Low Shank Front Loading Models)

Guaranteed to fit Pfaff Sewing Machine Models:
Hobby 307

Guaranteed to fit Simplicity Sewing Machine Models:
SB700T, SL1150

Guaranteed to fit Singer Sewing Machine Models:
7470 Confidence

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