Brother PRPCF1 3pc Wide Cap Hat Equipment: Driver, Hooping Gauge, Hat Hoop Frame 270° 2.5x14 Wide for PR1000 PR1050 PR1055 +Babylock 10Needle Machines

Sale price$1,189.00

All Fabric is Sold by the Yard. 1 Unit = 1 Yard! :)


In stock! Also includes allen driver tools for adjusting driver to machine, instruction book and raised insert for needle plate to prevent hat from moving up and down with the needle.

Provides expanded embroidery area, allowing you to stitch caps virtually ear-to-ear. Total embroidery area is 14" x 2 3/8" (60mm x360mm). Includes14"x 2 3/8" (60mm x360mm) wide cap frame, cap frame driver, and mounting jig.

Embroider popular cap styles quickly and easily with this cap frame attachment.
The embroidery wide area is a generous 360mm wide x up to 60mm high

For Use With: Entrepreneur® Pro PR-1000, Entrepreneur® Pro PR1000e

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