Camelot - Holiday Spice-Artisanal Toss - Light Teal

Sale price$12.99

All Fabric is Sold by the Yard. 1 Unit = 1 Yard! :)


100% Cotton 44/45

It takes just one look at our Holiday Spice Collection to tap into our sense of smell. We are carried to a place where the combination of cinnamon, pine, oranges and apples creates a rich, sweet and slightly spicy aroma that fills us up with comfort, well-being and happiness. This is the spirit of the holidays, and it lives in this signature collection where prints of warm earth toned hues are juxtaposed with light blue ones. We welcome this comforting collection that we know will awaken your imagination and create all sorts of beautiful gifts. An ideal collection for quilts and all your tabletop needs: placemats, table runners, coasters and more

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