Quilters Dream Batting - Bamboo

Variant: Crib
Sale price$16.99


Quilters Dream Bamboo Batting is our most elegant quilt batting.  Dream Bamboo is a luxurious blend of velvety Bamboo, luscious Tussah silk, strong silky Tencel® and soft stable Cotton.  Dream Bamboo’s natural environmentally friendly fibers are blended, carded, crosslapped and finely needle punched to bring you unparalleled softness, strength, warmth and breathability.  The luscious silky soft drape makes Dream Bamboo a quilt batting beyond compare

Crib 46 by 60 inches

Throw 60 by 60 Inches 

Twin 72 by 93 inches

Double 93 by 96 inches

Queen 93 by 108 inches

King 129 by 122 inches 

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