Log Cabin - Long Time Gone Quilt Along

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Log Cabin another easy block similar to last weeks court house steps block. I choose to go super scrappy this week with a mod podge of colors and fabric designers. I used scraps from previous weeks and some left over jelly roll strips I had in my collection. My goal was to use a good array of colors both light and dark. These blocks are super simple and come together relatively quickly. They’re a great way to practice those straight seams and an easy way to have some fun with your fabrics. Jens diagram was super helpful, if your still worried about cutting correctly Creative Grids makes a 6 inch log cabin trim ruler, so you trim your fabric as you go.  

General Supply Info: 

  • I use  wool pressing mat, cordless iron and fabric starch 
  • Schmetz universal chrome needles or quilting piecing needles 75/11
  • Aurifil 40 wt Mako Cotton thread, is what I sew with, I typically always use white thread. 
  • Clover Clips
  • Sewing Pins
  • Design Wall or extra piece of batting

Measurements for the pieces needed to construct this block will not be provided in this tutorial. It is a prerequisite of making this block that you have a copy of the pattern, Long Time Gone. Measurements, where applicable, can be found in this book I will note any mistakes in the booklet however that I ran into when cutting my fabric choices. 

Block Construction

1. This block is all about keeping those pieces in order and making sure you pay attention to the cutting instructions. Not all the pieces are cut to the same width! If you can or want to, cut all your pieces for all four blocks at once and then lay them out in the order that you’ll have them in the final quilt. This can be helpful to see how those blocks will look together in the final quilt top.


1.If you’re concerned about keeping your seams straight and finishing with a square block you can cut your pieces wider and then trim to the correct measurement at each seam join. Or use a trim tool ruler. 

2. The construction of this block is super simple; it’s all about alternating joining the pieces around P1.

3. Keep joining those pieces until all 15 pieces of fabric have been sewn and pressed. 

Make: 4

Alternate Block Information

Don't love a log cabin? maybe you have some spare leftover 6.5 inch blocks, you can always incorporate your own blocks into the week that you may not like that block. 

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