Quilters Dream Batting and Why its our Favorite!

Quilter's Dream, the batting brand carried at Sew Jersey makes a selection of different type of quilt batting. We feel you'll always be able to find the prefect batting for your quilt. Not every batting is perfect for every quilt as there are several pointers to keep in mind when choosing batting. Your choice of foundation (the batting) will affect not only the warmth of your project but how the finished quilt will look, wash, hang, drape and feel. 

We often get asked in store which quilt batting is best, and some of the questions to consider are: Will you be hand quilting, machine quilting, having us longarm, or will you be tying your quilt? How do you plan on using your quilt? Do you want dense or loose quilting? Do you want the quilt to look more traditional or modern? Do you want the quilt to keep you very warm? Keep you cool? Be easy to clean and wash? 

There are many advantages and disadvantages in all types of battings, will go over how to choose the right one for you. 

Quilter's Dream introduced high quality batting in 1990 and was soon known for how there batting quilted like a dream. 


Lets go over some terms first!

1. Loft

Loft is the thickness of your batting and should be the first thing you consider when choosing batting for your project.

Low Loft Batting is easier to handle and quilts beautifully on a domestic machine, longarm, or by hand. It’s what you see in many quilts and is my go-to favorite loft. A couple of examples of this would be a cotton or an 80/20 poly-cotton blend batting.

High Loft Batting can make a design stand out with quilting. To make the design pop out most quilters will densely quilt an area surrounding a design to make the un-quilted area stand out significantly. A couple of examples of high loft batting would be wool or polyester.

2. Needle Punched

Some battings will say needled punched or needled on the package. This means that the batting is mechanically felted (or punched) together with hundreds of needles and the fibers are are held together without glue. This creates a soft drape to the finished quilt and allows a needle to easily glide through the fibers.

3. Scrim

Scrim is an ultralight stabilizing layer that anchors the batting fibers together. It can be applied to either one or both sides of the batting and is usually needle punched. Using batting with a scrim allows you to space your quilting further apart (8″-12″) and is great for those at the start of their quilting journey. Note: Batting with a scrim is not a good option for hand quilting because it’s a bit denser.

4. Drape

Drape is how the batting hangs. Low loft batting will have a nice drape and won’t feel stiff or bulky. When choosing how a batting drapes you will need to consider how it will be used. A stiffer quilt will hang differently than a soft, pliable quilt.

5. Bearding

In the quilting world bearding is a term that refers to tiny wisps of fiber that seep through the quilt top. Bearding is very common with polyester and wool batting. Using a high quality wool batting plus densely woven cotton for the quilt top and backing will help prevent bearding. (See photo above for bearding)

Quilters Dream Cotton 

Available in four lofts:

  • Request: a lightweight and consistent batting developed especially for hand quilters, ideal for micro stitching with excellent drape. Handle gently for making lovely domestic machine quilts. Can also be used for longarm quilting. Excellent for lightweight summer quilts, hand quilted projects and wearables. 
  • Select: One of the most popular lofts, versatile for both hand and machine quilting with a lovely soft drape. Great for most quilting projects, midweight quilts and wearables. 
  • Deluxe: Provides superb warmth and weight offering emphais for quilting. Great for machine quilting heavy quilts, wall hangings, bags and crafts. 
  • Supreme: A hefty very warm and dense batting, great for special projects that require thickness, weight and volume. 


  • Some shrinkage, 1% in cold water, 3% in warm water; upon washing/drying for a slightly puckered look
  • 100% natural renewable cotton fiber grown by United States farmers
  • There is no scrim, glue, resins, or binders in Quilters Dream Cotton - nothing to resist your needle so it quilts so well
  • Beautiful drape, the request and select lofts are especially huggable 
  • Breathable, there are no scrims that inhibit airflow 
  • Very Warm, cotton has a high thermal value, so it works as a great insulator. The deluxe and supreme are extra warm 
  • 100% cotton naturally absorbs moisture to wick moisture away in the summer and keep you cool.  Stitch up to 8 inches apart or stitch closer together 
  • Will not lint up your machine
  • Will not poke through your fabrics


  • Cost compared to man made fibers
  • Need to use a light hand especially with request and select weight 
  • Shrinking and puckering may effect the desirable look for your quilt 
  • Not recommend for hand tied quilts
  • Does not dry as quick as polyester battings


Quilters Dream Orient Batting

Dream Orient is the softest, drapiest batting available! One touch or should we say one quilt, and you'll be hooked on this style!



  • The very softest and best draping batting there is, even when stitched very closely
  • Slight shrinkage (1-3%) upon washing and drying for a slight puckered look
  • Excellent for both hand and machine quilting 
  • Wicks moisture away from body to keep you cool in the warmer months\
  • Fine denier fibers that resist bearding 


  • Slight Shrinkage
  • Cost compared to other batting styles
  • Not recommended for hand tied quilts
  • Bamboo fibers are short and can be a bit linty if over handled
  • Fibers are not 100% USA, however the batting itself is USA made


Quilters Dream Wool Batting

Dream Wool is another warm and lofty batting and has been thermally bonded, it is best for cold nights. This wool is machine washable and has very little shrinkage, and resists bearding. 


  • 1/3-1/2 inch loft to show off your quilting and make your quilting designs pop
  • Uses soft silky wool that is US raised merino domestic sheep
  • Very warm, yet light weight
  • Wool can wick moister away in the summer to help keep you cool 
  • Cozy and cuddly
  • Excellent for T-Shirt quilts
  • Can be stitched closely and holds the drape
  • Great for hand quilting 
  • Does not absorbs moister, so it dries quickly 
  • Breathable
  • No lint


  • Thermally bonded so it can become stiff if put into contact with heat (even on low heat, the drum of some driers can be hot enough to cause a problem. Air dry is best
  • No Ironing 
  • Can crease over time 
  • Not flame retardant


Quilter's Dream 80/20 Batting

Was debuted in spring of 2016, so is a quite new blend. It is made with 80% high grade long staple USA made cotton fiber blended with 20% fine denier poly microfiber for a soft, silky batting that drapes beautifully and breathes well. The long staple cotton reduced the shrinkage and adds stability so that the stitches can be up to 8 inches apart. The poly microfibers add a loft and resistance to wrinkles and creases. No Scrims, glue, or other binders. 


  • Some shrinkage 1-3% for a slightly puckered look
  • 8 inch apart quilting
  • Soft and silky with excellent drape
  • Hugs and flows 
  • Excellent hand and machine quilting
  • Wicks moisture will keep you cool in the summer months 
  • Breathable - no scrims or barriers
  • Resists bearding


  • Shrinkage 
  • Can crease over time
  • Not 100% cotton
  • Not recommended for tied quilts  


If you are using non quilters dream batting and it is dimpled this is how you can tell: