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Trip around the world block is again great for smaller print or even doing a fun color gradient - Remember from our Introduction Blog post make your blocks for you - you do not have to copy what other quilters are doing, your quilt needs to make you or your recipient happy.  


General Supply Info: 

  • I use  wool pressing mat, cordless iron and fabric starch 
  • Schmetz universal chrome needles or quilting piecing needles 75/11
  • Aurifil 40 wt Mako Cotton thread, is what I sew with, I typically always use white thread. 
  • Clover Clips
  • Sewing Pins
  • Design Wall or extra piece of batting

Measurements for the pieces needed to construct this block will not be provided in this tutorial. It is a prerequisite of making this block that you have a copy of the pattern, Long Time Gone. Measurements, where applicable, can be found in this book I will note any mistakes in the booklet however that I ran into when cutting my fabric choices. 

Cut all the Pieces

Cut all pieces as per cutting instructions on page 10. Following cutting your pieces, a design wall is helpful should you be using any directional printed fabrics. I ended up having to recut my squares as I initially cut them at 1 inch squares instead of 1.5 as written I am noting that so my fellow quilters do not make the same mistake. I used a range of color in my block my goal was to make it colorful and have a rainbow like effect, and to shop my quilt stash. 

I divided my background or contrast fabric into four different fabrics 

Background Fabric 1: 24 squares

Background Fabric 2: 20 squares  

Background Fabric 3: 16 squares 

Background Fabric 4: 24 squares 

I found no measurement errors when sewing this block and used Jen's, diagrams within the book for piecing each unit. 

My blocks are not 100% perfect and for me that is okay, remember within what limits you are okay with within your quilt project. I made each block unique and only re-used my back ground or aka contrast fabric. 


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